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When it comes to Trust and Reliability it doesn’t get any clearer than being a Google Certified Partner.

 Being a GOOGLE CERTIFIED PARTNER, means we have excelled at mastering Googles stringent training requirements allowing us to display our Partner Badge, separating us from the amateurs.
By partnering with Kraken Digital Marketing you are assured of a sound business decision. Instead of wasting countless thousands of dollars on ineffective forms of advertising, you can rest assured we are building the digital roads that lead customers to your business.

What to Expect

Generate Revenue

Ranking increases broaden the customer base of who are looking for your product or service

Grow Brand

Increase your exposure and grow your customer base, build loyalty and name recognition

No Contract

We agree to provided an outstanding service, month to month, you are free to go at any time

Daily Tracking

We track the progress of your keywords and your websites position 24/7 and can provide you daily, weekly or monthly updates

Monthly Reports

You receive monthly reports with rankings updates, website metrics and other noteworthy news, or recommendations

Search Engine Optimization

We specializes in bringing new customers to your business, this means dominating the search pages through a well-crafted digital marketing campaign. By uniquely branding your business in your niche, we’ll get the right kind of visitors frequenting your website.

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Click Fraud Prevention

Proprietary software providing tracking metrics for every visitor click from your ads to on-site visitors, we protect your marketing dollars from shady competitors, click farms, bots and more. Traffic monitoring is no longer and after thought it is a requirement.

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Did You Know?

Of all online experiences begin with a search engine
of users never scroll to page 2
Ignore paid ads

We understand every business is unique, with distinctive goals in mind, consequently, not all marketing strategies are equally effective. At Kraken Digital Marketing we develop an online marketing strategy specifically for your business, avoiding the “cookie-cutter methods” favored by many other agencies.
To help you out right from the beginning, we have answered the most common questions we get from nearly every business owner when thinking about their online SEO campaign.
Is SEO Really Important?

Done correctly, it is responsible for the visibility of your company’s website by the very people you are striving to reach – people who are looking for what you have to offer, and are primed to do business with you.

To even show up in the search results a website must be properly ‘optimized.’ In essence, this means the content on your site is directly relevant to the people searching for it, as determined by each search engine in its own proprietary way. Optimizing a website requires a specialized skill set encompassing understanding many complicated and ever-changing algorithms. This is one of the main benefits of partnering with us at KDM – we ensure your websites running optimally so you can do what you do best – serve your ever-growing customer base.

We become a trusted brand partner, an incredible efficient tool, and save you countless hours trying to figure out how to get your business more exposure. It’s incredibly challenging to identify and stay ahead of the fluidity of algorithm changes. As professional SEO experts, we can use our trained eye, vast experience, and our sophisticated diagnostic software to create powerful solutions designed specifically to generate more revenue in your business.

Consumers today – the ones who are searching for the very things your business offers – are searching you and your competition before ever stepping outside of their homes and even inside your business.

We only use cutting edge analytics, research tools and search engine marketing data to provide the most comprehensive and accurate diagnosis of the strength of your online presence and what to expect from your marketing campaign going forward. Immediately after partnering with us we perform a comprehensive content analysis to clearly determine how your site is structured, and how we can quickly start to make improvements to the good aspects, and update the not-so-good.

IS SEO Right For My Company?

SEO is a strategic long term investment, and it necessitates a forward-thinking mentality to be successful. Recognizing that your website is competing against millions of other webpages not just those in your city to get that coveted page 1 spot of search engines like Google Yahoo & Bing is a critical mind-set adjustment. KDM counters this challenge with a strategic marketing plan utilizing our time, techniques and energy in the right combination to move your site from its current position to one of prominence.

It All Begins With Great SEO

We go to great lengths to uncover what online strategies are working to drive business to your competitors and harness that power for your business instead. Ultimately, your customer should experiences a deep satisfaction that they have made the right decision in doing business with you, and regularly become loyal ambassadors, giving you a steady stream of repeat and referral customers.

It is important for you to fully understand what is happening in an arena which often seems somewhat mystifying and obscure. This is why we are transparent in revealing our progress toward measurable objectives. We understand the level of investment and trust a business owner requires for any SEO campaign.

As we clearly identify your preferred customer, our team begins the process of aligning your website with what your customers are looking for. Set up properly, your website should be a beacon attracting and funneling customers through your sales process.

But, Is SEO Affordable?

The biggest disappointment we run into with new clients is that so many have been burned in the past. They simply didn’t get the promised results. Our belief is that your success equals our success; in a partnership we both have skin in the game, your resources and our reputation. We price our services where we believe your business will receive the greatest benefits with the most efficiency. Be wary of anyone who quotes a price for services before completing a thorough evaluation of your goals and challenges.

In the digital world, one year equates to one decade, what SEO techniques worked even two years ago are not what work today.  This is why we continually test and research and we require all potential clients perform a self-assessment for us by completing our DISCOVERY FORM. We want to understand your goals, strengths and weaknesses, and from this we can determine price and timeline.

In the world of digital marketing time is always against you. The longer you wait to get started, the larger an advantage your competitors will have to corner market share and secure those top spots in the search engine ranking pages. The company you eventually decide to work with needs to focus on delivering your business realistic results, in a realistic time frame that is agreed upon upfront. Any company promising rankings quickly is either using techniques that will jeopardize the safety and trustworthiness of your website, or just simply does not know what it really takes to create long-term online value and top level rankings. At KDM we are always upfront with how long we estimate your campaign will take. Based on your personalized and comprehensive website analysis and our previous experience with countless ranking campaigns we have successfully completed for our clients, we are confident that we will always deliver.

How Does One Choose The Right SEO Agency?

It is unrealistic to expect the level of results your business deserves will come from someone with a casual interest in SEO and no depth of real-world experience in ranking websites in the top positions of Google. Just as you trust your health to a specialist, you should give the same care in choosing an agency with whom you are entrusting a significant portion of your business.

This is why it is important to ‘trust but verify’ and seek out genuine professionals with real clients who are satisfied (preferably thrilled!) with the work we have done. Do not hesitate to ask for references. And be wary of anyone who quickly quotes a price of “$299 per month” or any such one-size-fits-all approach.

Be certain to visit some of the websites of those clients using the SEO service you are considering. Gain a clear picture of who you are proposing to do business with. This due-diligence process will reveal the character, work ethic, and effectiveness of the person to whom you’re entrusting this incredibly important responsibility for creating a world-class online presence for your business. Many people do not realize the costly and time consuming damage poorly performed ‘SEO’ can do to your website, and even your reputation.

Points For Measuring Your Return 

1) On-site analysis grades the “health” of your site and provides a score of improvements made each month

2) Daily ranking reports provide real-time page position stats for targeted keyword positions and traffic volume

3) Web traffic filtering allows us to see who is visiting your site in real time and filter unwanted or spammy visitors, protecting your asset and reducing ad cost.

4) Bi-Monthly consultations to answer any questions and cover any significant milestones

Now that you are fully informed and equipped to choose wisely, we look forward to partnering with you and helping you move forward toward massive success in your business. Start now by completing our DISCOVERY FORM!


Zack Greenfield

Entrepreneur, General Strategy, SEO & Marketing

“Bobby does a great job of sticking to a project to get the desired results. He has shown time and time again that hes expertise is SEO and online marketing paired with great attention to his clients is a formula for success.”

Rachell Boudreaux Vicknair

Elite Orange Presenter with Younique

“Bobby has been extremely helpful from the moment we started talking about how I could improve my business exposure. He has always been helpful, and is very thorough with his work”

Louise Loewing

Professional Consultant

“Bobby has been a tremendous asset to my business! In just a few short weeks, he has gotten me more “foot traffic” onto my website, which is leading to sales, inquiries, and organic growth. I’m looking forward to seeing more customer expansion in the near future.”