Stop Them Now, with Siphon’s Automatic AdWords Click Fraud Blocker

Who is stealing my ad budget and why?

Click Fraud can come from many sources. Some bots are created for the sole purpose of using up your ad budget. Let Siphon protect you from becoming a victim of click fraud.

How can Siphon help my click fraud?

Siphon detects who your visitors are before your page loads. We insert those bad IPs into you Adwords account automatically, so the fraudster can no longer click on your ads.

Will Siphon work with my Adwords campaign?

Siphon will work with any search or display network AdWords campaign. It only takes a few minutes to setup and configure. Theres no reason to continue losing money.

Stop Click Fraud

Click fraud is when a malicious person or bot clicks your ads to deplete your budget and raise CPC prices. Siphon stops click fraud at the source by automatically adding malicious IPs to your Adwords block list. In many cases, the savings gained from Siphon dramatically outweigh our service cost.

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Complete Analytics

Siphon gives our customers robust metrics to help make informed decisions. Since Siphon does not utilize JavaScript, we can capture all forms of traffic without worrying about our tracking system being stopped by script blockers, ad blockers, or visitors with JavaScript disabled. If you are using a JavaScript based tracking solution, your numbers are probably not accurate.

Increase Conversions

With Siphon you are in complete control of your traffic and the experience your visitors have. Siphon identifies traffic before your page loads, so you can create multiple rules to show different kinds of content to different type of visitors. This powerful “Traffic Filtering” increases conversions by delivering content based on who the visitor is, where they are, how they are browsing, and what they want to see.

Decrease Bounce Rates

Website bounces hurt your SEO scores and decrease CTR when publishers are advertising. Bounces usually occur when a bot hits your website too fast and leaves These ‘selfish’ bots are usually scraping content, recording your prices, stealing your images, checking your SEO scores, and performing other analyses that only benefit your competition. Siphon eliminates this from happening with a simple click.

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Protect Your Content

On a website, your content is king. Its expensive to create and difficult to maintain. Siphon protects your content from scrapers so your hard work isn’t published someplace you don’t control. Duplicate content in Google’s search engine even can hurt your rankings. Guard your content with Siphon and eliminate scrapers before your content loads.

Protect Your Advertisers

By implementing Siphon into your advertising platform, you give your advertisers complete confidence the traffic you’re delivering is 100% real human visitors. This increases advertiser confidence, provides higher conversion ratios, and helps increase your advertising earnings.

Stop Form Spam

Form spam has been around for years and every year it gets worse. Form spam is primarily committed by bots programmed to spam links onto live comment threads. If the spam goes through, it boosts the spammers SEO ranking. Siphon stops spam bots before your page loads. Detecting your form inputs is no longer possible.

Decrease Server Loads

When a visitor browses your website, your server’s power and bandwidth are being used. If a large number of visitors browse your website at once, your server can slow down to the point of no longer functioning. Siphon assures the only visitors browsing your content are real humans, so your assets are only being spent on potential customers, not bots.

Stop Competitor Analysis Tools

SEO agencies utilize Competitor Analysis Tools like SEMRush to detect holes in your SEO strategy. They take this information and make changes to their own websites to overtake your rankings on Google. Siphon can completely block these tools from accessing your website. You can even redirect them to another website to confuse the results of their analysis.

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Conversion Metrics

Conversion tracking systems that rely on JavaScript, like Google Analytics, will provide inaccurate results for your conversion metrics. Over 25% of internet users today will use a JavaScript blocking plugin for their desktop browser. This means your tracking system script will simply not work. Siphon uses server side code to ensure every user is documented which provides you with 100% accurate conversion metrics.

Protect Against Price Scrapers

If you’re selling a highly competitive item, having the appropriate pricing can mean a first place ranking for your products. Competitors program bots and hire firms to scrape your pricing daily, and adjust theirs accordingly. Siphon stops bots before your website loads so your pricing is safe from scrapers. It’s even possible to direct those same malicious scrapers to another page with false information.

Personal Customer Service and Support

The team behind Siphon is dedicated to our clients. You are the driving force behind our success. We love speaking with our clients and offering amazing support with on-boarding, data analysis, and helping you get the most out of Siphon.

Stop Fraudulent Opt-ins

More aggressive competitors utilize bots that create fake opt ins on your website. This skews your conversions and campaign metrics and wastes valuable time sorting through the real and fake opt ins. Siphon protects your website from bots so your opt-in forms only show to real human visitors.

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Decrease Chargebacks

Malicious programmers and hackers have been deploying charge back bots for quite sometime and it’s only getting worse. These bots order products and fill out opt-ins with real credit card information to cause charge backs and ruin the relationship with your merchant. Siphon stops these bots from ever infiltrating your order forms. Decrease your charge backs with Siphon.

Prevent Security Breaches

Even the most professionally coded websites will have security holes. Malicious users and bot programmers will scan your site for vulnerabilities. Once a vulnerability is detected, your entire server can be compromised. Siphon eliminates the ability to access your website if we believe the visitor is malicious in anyway.

Stop Comment Spam

Malicious programmers and hackers create spam bots that target comment forms on most popular blog platforms like WordPress. When successful, these bots post links back to the competitors website to increase their SEO. In some cases, the bot will post negative links to hurt your website’s SEO as well. Siphon stops comment spam before your website or blog even loads..

Increase Publisher Earnings

Content publishers running display ads suffer lower CPCs and CPMs when bots run rampant. Bots increase impressions and decrease click through rates. In some extreme cases, publishers can even be banned from advertiser accounts for fake traffic numbers. Protect your advertising revenue with Siphon by never displaying your ads to another bot again.

Maintain Redirection Branding

Many external tracking solutions force you to use their domains and branding in re-directions. Siphon allows you to use your own domains to retain your branding throughout the redirection process. This ensures your visitors can’t detect Siphon is being utilized on your website.

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