Social Media Management is a great way we help you connect with your current and prospective clients, showcase your products and services, advertise special pricing, and engage with your market. Through this process you gain website traffic or attention through social media sites.

As an individual you may, yourself, spend time interacting with friends and family on Facebook or Twitter. This assumption is a reasonable one considering that reports place “daily average users in the U.S.” at more than 128 million (or, roughly 40% of the U.S. population) for Facebook alone.


However, that is about as far as most businesses go when it comes to social media. The reason why so many companies shy away from using social media platforms is due to a general lack of understanding about what social media marketing entails and why it is so critical in today’s world.

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In fact, many of our clients have mentioned a certain sense of dread and overwhelm when the topic comes up because they have an underlying unease and “gut feeling” that they should be “doing social media marketing,” but they have absolutely no idea where to begin.

“We have a Facebook page, but hardly anyone visits it,” and “We have a Twitter account, but other than announcing an upcoming sale, we don’t use it,” are some of the comments we frequently hear. Another typical sentiment we hear when we first begin working with a business is that “we have a nice website, so we should be in good shape online.”

It’s when we begin to dig a little deeper that people start to squirm a little more. For example, if answering any of the following questions causes you to “squirm” a little bit, we believe that we can help alleviate your discomfort. When considering your social media marketing strategies, ask yourself these questions:


Have your social media efforts supported and affected your SEO?
  1. How have your social media marketing strategies improved your brand awareness among users?
  2. How are your competitors using social media?
  3. What are your plans for growing your online community?
  4. How many of your customers have found you as a result of interacting on your social accounts?
  5. What value do you offer to your customers through social media channels?
  6. What is your brand “voice” and “personality,” and how do you get this across to your customers?

When you contact us to discuss your social media marketing needs, we will help you understand and answer these questions. Furthermore, we will help put you at ease as we plan out a strategy going forward that will help you provide a consistent and confident message to your customers and clients while improving their experience with your company and brand.

We will help you create an atmosphere of trust and value that your customers will come to identify with your business.

And, if the thought of implementing these new strategies causes your head to spin, don’t worry. Part of the benefits of having our company partner with you is that we will manage these tasks on your behalf so that you can get back to doing what you do best, and that is serving your customers.

Let’s get to work, together. Call our team today to set up your no-obligation social media marketing consultation.

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If you don’t have social media accounts and a marketing strategy, you’re missing out on an enormous opportunity to share and engage your current and prospective clients and customers.

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