Protect your website from
Fraudulent Clicks and Data Thieves

Why Do You Need Click Fraud Protection?


At least 40% of internet traffic is non human (bot traffic). Some of these click bots are designed to commit PPC click fraud.

Click Farms

Click farms are a large scale dedicated click fraud operation, usually hired by your competition to remove your PPC ads from the search engine’s result.


What’s stopping your competitors from clicking your ads, depleting your advertising budget and taking your clients?

Real traffic from our Clients Site where over 75% of website traffic was CLICK FRAUD related!

What clicks do you want to pay for?

All traffic is not made the same.

Here is what to expect.


We track each and every click on your ads, collecting valuable data and information to gain insight into how your ads are interacted with.


Our industry leading algorithms separate real potential customers from fraudsters and bots.


Once a fraudulent click is detected the ad will be hidden from the fraudster.

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