Ad Fraud Analysis Request

It is estimated that fraudulent traffic will cost businesses worldwide $16.4  billion in 2017.

  • We protect our clients from Fraudulent Clicks. In doing so we have been able to reclaim funds that would have otherwise gone wasted, providing no ROI for our clients.

  • We have identified hundreds of thousands of ad clicks and website visits that have only negative intentions.

  • Do not trust the ad vendors like Google and Facebook to accurately report your ad spend data. Almost every ad account we have evaluated is being over-charged due to CLICK FRAUD.

  • Click fraud is caused by bots, low wage labor, your competition and massive amounts of inaccurate ad delivery metrics.

  • One case study for a local dentist who was paying for 648 local area clicks was found to be receiving clicks from all over the world. Our system found he had only 4 clicks that were in-line with his campaign settings. ONLY 4 CLICKS!

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